Monday, July 26, 2010

Wonderful News!!

Yay!! I'm going to be a Daddy Again!!

So Yes, a few weeks ago, my wife yet again surprised me one morning with a positive pregnancy test!!  It was such a good day!!  We've been to doctor after doctor to make sure everything is happening as it should, but we are super excited!!

We have to take a few extra precautions to make sure things go okay, like progesterone shots, low dose aspirin, and an ultrasound every couple of weeks (that's the fun part), and the possibility of a cerclage. We are taking it all in stride, but we are thankful for any prayers any of you are willing to send out way.  We know Blaze is watching over this new special spirit, and I know that the baby will have an excellent older brother to lead an guide, its own guardian angel.

We're due February 12th, and we pray we come very close to that, since the risk of early labor is even greater for us now since it has happened before.  Please pray for us and this new spirit. Love you Blaze!! Love you new little one!


  1. How EXCITING! Congratulations! Good Luck!

  2. Ray I am so excited for you and Janet. You are and will always be in my prayers. I know that Blaze is watching over you and is coaching his little brother or sister about all the love that you will have for him or her.

    I hope you will both take care and know that you have a Canadian "Mom and Dad" who love you both very, very much.

    Have a super, wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs and kisses to both of you.


    Mom Mac